Carlos Moya reveals Rafael Nadal's punishment as a teenager

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Carlos Moya reveals Rafael Nadal's punishment as a teenager

In a beautiful interview with Gazzetta dello Sport, Carlos Moya spoke about his relationship with Rafael Nadal. The world no. 1's coach turned the clock almost two decades back when the 32-year-old was just a kid. 'I had to make an effort to beat him, and he was just 14 years old,' Moya said.

Two years later, Nadal beat Moya on clay courts. 'I knew that in that moment I had the future in front of me, while mine was already in decline'. In the meantime, they became friends as well as Davis Cup teammates.

They competed against each other in the video games as well. 'I remember that there were ultimate challenges, and with related punitions: once he lost and he was obliged to go climb down the stairs by knees.' Moya also stressed the importance of having independence between him and Nadal.

'I am a friend, not part of the family like Toni. I bought different ideas and both our knowledge improved. Then, on court, I am only his coach: off, I can be his coach for five minutes and his friend Carlos for the other five.' Speaking about Nadal's future improvements, Moya added: 'He can be more aggressive (while) serving and take the control of the rallies earlier.

But what makes Rafa a phenomenon is the ability to find the right solution to win matches.' ALSO READ: Andy Murray surprises his fans, check details