Rafael Nadal reveals his regrets about his tennis career

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Rafael Nadal reveals his regrets about his tennis career

What regrets does Rafael Nadal have about his tennis career? The Spaniard revealed them in an interview to Mundo Deportivo. 'I am among those who say I wouldn't change anything, but looking back I would change something.

You have to take risks and sometimes, physically, you risk too much. But these are things that you feel that you should do at that moment. What would I change? When I had to drain (my knee) in 2012 at Wimbledon. In the end, I lost to (Lukas) Rosol and I had to stop playing until the Viña del Mar in 2013.

It was a long time (seven months). In 2016, I had to drain (my) wrist and I paid for them. I would clearly change but I was feeling that I was playing well, capable of winning Roland Garros and I took that decision,' Nadal confessed.

Asked if he would take risks for the rest of his life as well, the 32-year-old replied: 'Now I can't think too much about it, because otherwise, I wouldn't wake up every day to do what I have to give in order to be where I am.

Many times I push my body to the limit, I will definitely have to face it in the future. The knees, feet, joints and hip. We are in a hard sport and we play on very aggressive surfaces.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal reveals keys to have long-term relationship with girlfriend