Rafael Nadal speaks about his retirement

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Rafael Nadal speaks about his retirement

Rafael Nadal was interviewed by IoDonna Italian magazine to speak about his career and extra-tennis things. How does he deal with losses? 'Above all, I don't really focus on it. You can't play if you do it.

My first thought is to feel well, be on court the way I know. And then I say: "Well, let's see how it goes...', the 31-year-old said. Asked if he ever thought about retiring from tennis, Nadal replied: 'So far never.

I am a positive person and if I got hurt I never thought that I would not recover. Of course, you need to be patient and calm.' Asked about what sportsman he would like to be, Nadal said: 'Well, Tiger Woods, the "No.

1" in golf. He competes with a lot of intensity and determination.' Speaking about the tennis future, Nadal commented: 'I see passionate and motivated younger players. Among these ones, there are absolutely champions, but they shouldn't make the mistake to pretend everything and straightaway.

In the sport, you should not be in a rush.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer admits he could skip a tournament - Full details