Rafael Nadal may undergo an hair transplant surgery again

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Rafael Nadal may undergo an hair transplant surgery again

Rafael Nadal, who turned 32 a few weeks ago, has been dealing with baldness for a few years now. Through some images featuring Nadal in the French Open final against Dominic Thiem, you can see how he has less hair than the past, especially behind the head.

Already two years ago, Nadal had to deal with a hair loss. He tried to solve this issue in a famous Madrid clinic, he went through a transplant, and after six months, starting from Monte Carlo Masters, he could see the effect.

But now, according to El Mundo, it seems that the problem is back for 17-time Grand Slam winner. But it's definitely a normal situation, the specialist Javier Mato Ansorena claimed. 'The tennis player is very young and he could keep losing hair.

Transplanted hair get never lost because they are removed from the occipital region of the head and don't fall, while natural hair keeps falling.' That's why Nadal may undergo a new little surgery. Alternatively, in order to avoid the operation, he could use antiandrogens like the finasteride.

It's a group of medicines that stop the biological effects of male hormones. However, for Nadal, it would not be the most appropriate treatment for being an elite player, the specialist suggested. ALSO READ: Roger Federer's chances at Wimbledon: Novak Djokovic gives a verdict