Now I make less effort than in the past, says Rafael Nadal

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Now I make less effort than in the past, says Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal learned to use his energy better over the years. Speaking in his post-final press conference at the French Open, the Spanish player commented on how he approached the match and his smart way to understand when to make the best effort and when he should have not.

'Of course when you have played so many finals in a given moment, every year is totally different, but it's true that there is a given moment where there are situations you have already been through. And when you have been through different times, you have normally capacity to better understand the situation and to better manage them, at least understand the moments of the match that are of high tension and do better than the first time.

So, yes, in the second set I was a bit tired. I didn't fight so much for a few games. I was at ease with my serve, although my game suffered a lot. If I couldn't have done this in 2005, I would have played every single game with all my energy.

But with the years, you try to understand where you can win when you can relax physically or mentally. And sometimes it's successful, sometimes you're not, but that's also based on experience and age.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer's chances at Wimbledon: Novak Djokovic gives verdict