Playing 2018 Laver Cup or not: Rafael Nadal reveals it all

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Playing 2018 Laver Cup or not: Rafael Nadal reveals it all

Rafael Nadal spoke about the chance of playing Laver Cup this year in Chicago. Earlier this week Novak Djokovic and Juan Martin del Potro joined the player's field, but the Spaniard is not sure that he will be there again.

‘Difficult for me to say', Nadal admitted. 'Being honest, I loved the competition. I had a lot of fun. Is a great event. I really enjoyed and played with a lot of passion. But this year I have the semi-finals of Davis Cup the week before.

Difficult for me to say now if I am or I am not. I am just focused and try to do my thing. Remain months, then I will see. Still, a long way for me to think about it. You don’t know how the things going to go in terms of matches, in terms of the result.

I have an important tie in the semifinals in France the week before. Of course, yeah, is not ideal. I will not say no today because remain a lot.' About playing the Laver Cup, Djokovic said: 'I watched the Laver Cup on TV last year and it looked amazing.

All the players competed with such passion and the team spirit was extraordinary – everyone was working together, cheering for each other and even coaching from the bench during matches. I can’t wait to be part of that experience.

It’s always fun to discover a new city and I can’t wait to explore Chicago. There’s a large Serbian community in the city and I hope they come out and support me and Team Europe.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer spends time with his children at Wimbledon