Toni Nadal: 'Roger Federer is the GOAT, but Rafael is close'

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Toni Nadal: 'Roger Federer is the GOAT, but Rafael is close'

The former Rafael Nadal's uncle and coach Toni Nadal spoke about Wimbledon and other topics. Toni is currently working at his nephew academy and doesn't plan to go to London. 'I will watch Wimbledon from home, hoping for Rafa's win', Toni said. 'I speak with him every day, he told me that he is doing well.

He is not particularly excited, but I think he has everything to go far.' About the 2008 Wimbledon final won by Rafael over Roger Federer, Toni said: 'It's difficult to choose what was the best match in tennis history, for example I remember a very beautiful match, between Nadal and (Novak) Djokovic at the US Open.

Of course in that 2008 final, several circumstances made that match special. You can compare it to (John) McEnroe-(Bjorn) Borg, where the No. 2 prevailed over the No. 1.' He finally praised the two players that have been dominating the new Millennium: 'Rafael and Roger are two very committed players in the sport.

Djokovic is very close to them, but in general the new generation wasn't consistent enough to take them over and it allowed them to play at a very high level. Probably Roger is the best in history and Rafael is close too.

Both of them were special people for the sport.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer: 'The end is closer than ever'