John Isner: 'It's absurd how Rafael Nadal hits in practice'

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John Isner: 'It's absurd how Rafael Nadal hits in practice'

Rafael Nadal reached the Wimbledon fourth round for the second week in a row for the first time since the 2010-11 editions. The dry weather can definitely be an extra weapon for the Spaniard, who didn't drop any set in his run to the fourth round.

Speaking about the sunny days that London is featuring - temperatures are going up to 32 degrees Celsius - the American John Isner said: 'I like it. I do feel like the ball is getting up a little bit higher.

Someone like Nadal definitely likes that, as well. He seems to be playing pretty well. You should see him in practice. It's absurd how hard he hits it. He's in a good spot, but for me, I like my serve in any conditions, but these conditions are very, very good for it. 'The courts are super firm this year,' Isner confirmed.

'I really feel like they are playing like a hard court, which is my favourite surface. So that court out there today [Friday] on Court 2 was extremely firm. I felt very comfortable out there. Of course, I'm taking care of my serve very well so far.

That helps. That's allowed me to free up, on return games and was able to do that today. I think in the first set I broke right away, so I was really off to a good start and I was very comfortable throughout the whole match today.' The 32-year-old will become father late this year: 'Our baby girl is due on September 22nd, so hopefully, after a nice run at the US Open, we'll see what happens.

Our first kid, sometimes they come early, sometimes they come late. Whenever it comes, it's going to be a blessing. Madi and I are certainly looking forward to that. And our life is in Dallas now. That's where I live. We're going to have a lot of help, which helps, because my in-laws, her parents are amazing.

Her family is amazing. And then my family I think is awesome, as well. So this kid is going to have a lot of love. That's for sure.' Isner added: 'I told Madi I think we're going to have four girls. I feel it.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer: 'The end is closer than ever'