Federer wants to be GOAT, but Rafael will try to win Slams - Nadal's coach

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Federer wants to be GOAT, but Rafael will try to win Slams - Nadal's coach

In a column for El Espanol, one of Rafael Nadal's coaches Francis Roig praised the Spaniard and the Swiss Roger Federer's longevity. 'Personally, I was lucky to see how the generations of tennis players were stopping playing tennis, and the player stops more for a mental matter than physical one', Roig wrote.

'It doesn't mean that many times the body isn't the main cause of the retirement, but it's like the tennis player's mind was scheduled with a countdown that starts from the 30 years of age. Rafa and Roger broke this barrier, kept winning and it made the others believe that they can continue at their level.

Another thing is the prize money weight. Prize moneys increases so much in the last seasons. The increase was considerable, and players that during seven or eight years were winning a certain amount of money won the same during two years.' Until when will Nadal and Federer be competitive? 'It's clear that the ones who are at the top want to be the best players in history.

I understand that Federer wants to secure being the best of all time until when he plays and Nadal will try to win as many Major titles as possible to see if one day he can reach him. It makes the fight alive, postponing as much as possible the day when they will do other things.

Pete Sampras won his 14th Grand Slam in the last tournament he played. I am sure that if he had someone ahead of him, for example with 16 Slams, would have played for a while.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer: 'I get just 15 Uniqlo shirts'