Manolo Santana: 'Rafael Nadal likely to win Wimbledon this year'


Manolo Santana: 'Rafael Nadal likely to win Wimbledon this year'

The 1966 Wimbledon champion Manolo Santana commented on Rafael Nadal's chances to win a Wimbledon title again. Asked by Marca if the 32-year-old can triumph at the All England Club for the third time in his career, Santana replied: 'I think so and it could be this year.

He had a very good draw. His credit is that one month ago he was winning such an important tournament like Roland Garros on clay and today he plays his chances against Del Potro to reach Wimbledon semifinals, on a very different surface like grass.' Santana also added: 'Rafa is more complete than me and at Wimbledon, he has the advantage of being a lefty.

I would say that I had more skills than him that's why I like when he gets closer to the net. In this it makes me remember a little bit me.' Is it good that Federer and Nadal still dominate tennis? 'On a domination level, you have an important precedent with (John) McEnroe and (Bjorn) Borg.

What happens is that Rafa and Roger play well on any surface. Results indicate that the next generation is not taking over. I don't see anyone who can be compared to them. Rafa dominated on clay and now Roger dominates on grass.' Santana was Madrid Open director since 2002.

The owner Ion Tiriac is looking to renovate the contract that is expiring in 2021 but a solution has not been found yet. Rumours about it possibly moving to Germany have been increasing. 'There is a rumour and it's logical that is there because Tiriac is the promoter and owner of the tournament and it cost him much work to make it a world-class tournament.

Rafa never failed and Federer doesn't play Madrid but any other event on clay neither. If Tiriac sees that he doesn't get helped on a political event he could make the tournament leave and it would be a disgrace. We need another stadium for 10,000 people so that the tournament gets even bigger and better.' ALSO READ: Rod Laver makes bold claim about Rafael Nadal playing on grass'

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