Rafael Nadal is slightly favorite against Novak Djokovic, says coach

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Rafael Nadal is slightly favorite against Novak Djokovic, says coach

The Rafael Nadal's coach Francis Roig is confident ahead of the world No. 1's Wimbledon semifinals match against Novak Djokovic. Speaking to Spanish media on Thursday, Roig said Nadal is 'slightly favorite' for having won many matches recently.

'Winning a Grand Slam gives a lot to these players like (Roger) Federer or (Novak) Djokovic. Sometimes people are not aware about it, but winning the Roland Garros gives a lot to Rafa, winning Australian Open gives a lot to Federer.

This confidence lasts a while. They are obliged to win a Grand Slam every year, otherwise it's a failure. Winning gives calmness, a margin. It's not the same for Rafa to come here after winning in Paris than if he didn't.' On how Nadal recovered after the long match against Juan Martin del Potro, Roig said: 'He woke up well, a little bit tired.

On a physical level a two-hour and a half match would have been better, but you also need to look at the positive side. He played for a lot of time in tense situations, which helps.' About Djokovic, Roig finally said: 'He is getting to his level.

But which one? The one where he dominates everyone? I don't think so. That's given by confidence, wins, going through tense moments. I think he's like the one before making the big step.' ALSO READ: 'Nadal vs del Potro the best match I have ever seen' - Simona Halep