After Roger Federer, also Rafael Nadal could leave Nike!

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After Roger Federer, also Rafael Nadal could leave Nike!

2018 could be a historical year for Nike. The American brand already lost Roger Federer for the apparel advertising as the Swiss joined forces with Uniqlo, and Rafael Nadal may be the next. In 2014 the Spaniard signed a five-year contract, until end of 2018, for $50 million overall ($10m.

per year). Both Nike and Nadal are aware that it will expire soon, and it is said, by Ok Diario, that the world No. 1 asked for a bigger amount of money. Business in tennis is at an epic level, in the last year Novak Djokovic signed new contracts with Lacoste for apparel and Asics for shoes, while Federer signed a rich contract with the Japanese brand.

Nadal would like to continue with Nike because he feels comfortable and also thanks to the American brand he is very popular globally. Also, he signed the first contract when he was literally more than a kid. And Nike is also one of Rafa Nadal Academy sponsors in Manacor.

Nadal has been enjoying an amazing success in the last 18 months: since early 2017 he lost one Grand Slam final (to Roger Federer at the Australian Open) and won three Majors (four if he wins Wimbledon this week). It's true that he is 32 years old, but Nadal often said he wants to play as long as possible.

Nike will also have to decide whether if renew contracts with Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams as well this year. In 2010 Sharapova signed a eight-year $70 million contract. ALSO READ: 'Rafael Nadal would never lose to Anderson on the contrary of Roger Federer