Rafael Nadal: 'I thought I would have been a father now'

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Rafael Nadal: 'I thought I would have been a father now'

Rafael Nadal turned 32 in June, and he is one of the very few top tennis players who hasn't become a father yet. Roger Federer has four children, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray have two, and the Serbian and the British player are even younger than Nadal.

In an interview with Marca after the French Open, the world No. 1 said that if he decides to keep playing tennis, he doesn't plan to have children anytime soon, because one thing rules out the other one. 'I keep a commitment with what makes me happy', Nadal stated just a few hours following his win in Paris last month.

'I have a partner and I am not alone to take a decision. You have to suit situations. I keep a commitment to tennis, yeah, and with my happiness. I enjoy what I like much in tennis and off-tennis. Having family? I do not know, things are not easy to be predicted.

I thought that at this age I would have been already a former tennis player and that I would have started a family. For the way I think, I see a family with a more stable life and that's what I would like to have. Years are going on but it always depends what happens with my tennis and with my career.

It will come a moment when I have to take a decision and when it comes, it will come, and without any kind of stress. It's natural things in life.' Nadal has been dating Maria Francisca Perello for 12 years. ALSO READ: Roger Federer and wife Mirka enjoy holidays in Ibiza