Rafael Nadal travels in tourist-class on his way to Mallorca

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Rafael Nadal travels in tourist-class on his way to Mallorca

Rafael Nadal earned more than $100 million career prize money during his career, plus endorsements and appearance fees. In 2016 it was revealed that he had an estimated €200 million net worth. But once again he showed to be very humble coming back from Barcelona to his native city, Manacor, in tourist class with Air Europa company, that is one of his academy' endorsements.

Surrounded by normal people, Nadal sat near the emergency side, one of the biggest spaces where you can peacefully sit and lay. He was spotted while reading a newspaper. Nadal stopped by Barcelona from London probably to have a medical check-up after playing more than 10 hours in the Wimbledon quarter-finals against Juan Martin del Potro and semifinals against Novak Djokovic combined.

The Spaniard lost to the Serb 10-8 in the fifth set. Reflecting on the break points he didn't convert on 7-7 vs Djokovic, Nadal said: 'Of course, if I have the break, I win the next game, I am here with the victory.

That's 100% like this. But 'impatient'? I came back from a defensive position. I hit a great backhand across. I decided to go inside. Worked very well a lot of times hitting backhands and go to the net. For me, was not like this.

For me, I take the decision to go forward, to play aggressive. I tried to go to the net to put pressure of him. I couldn't play the backhand down the line because I was running to the ball. Was a big risk hit down the line.

I hit the ball going to the net. I couldn't wait. I decided to go like this. The only negative thing is that the ball went little bit to the middle. But for me personally, nothing to complain with that. I don't feel that was impatient.

I feel that I take the position to go to the net to play aggressive. He played a great passing shot. If he missed, we would be here talking how brave he was that he went to the net. He hit a good passing shot. Now is impatient? That's the sport.

That's the real thing. I am not saying nothing wrong about your question, but that's the sport. Final result changes everything. That's part of the game. I accept it. Nothing to complain. He play great. I can say he deserve it, because he deserve it.

In my opinion, he deserve it. I deserve it, too. Both of us deserve it. As I say the other day against del Potro, anyone could win. Today I say the same. The other day was for me, today was for him. That's it.'