Toni Nadal upset about Roger Federer: 'Tennis is his only obsession'

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Toni Nadal upset about Roger Federer: 'Tennis is his only obsession'

Toni Nadal revealed some surprising and interesting things on an article published for El Pais. The world No. 1 Rafael Nadal's uncle chatted with Federer's longtime agent Tony Godsick in October 2016 during a dinner they had together in Manacor, with Godsick's wife and former USA Fed Cup Team captain Mary Joe Fernandez also attending.

That happened when Federer opened Nadal Academy. Toni himself was upset at hearing some things. Speaking about Federer, the 57-year-old and former Nadal's coach said: 'He is not a very disciplined or methodical player.

He doesn't take care about diet or resting. What his manager told me many times is that for Roger tennis is his only life, his obsession, the only thing he ththinksbout. I think he exaggerated a little bit. I imagine that he spends time with his children and wife too.' It's hard to believe Godsick really told these things to Toni, as Federer is always described in a totally different way.

Toni was never asked about these comments in his many interviews he does during the year. Federer often takes breaks from the ATP Tour to enjoy his time with his wife Mirka and four children. He wants to be the best husband, father and tennis player possible, so he "splits" himself on many things.

Godsick replaced just Mirka as Roger's agent many years ago. ALSO READ: Roger Federer jokes on travel expenses: I need to reach QFs to break even