Rafael Nadal: 'I could have won Wimbledon, but Novak Djokovic deserved it'

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Rafael Nadal: 'I could have won Wimbledon, but Novak Djokovic deserved it'

For Rafael Nadal, the Wimbledon loss against Novak Djokovic belongs to the past. The Spanish player accepted the tough result, and is now ready to start the US Open Series campaign. 'That’s the sport. I have been in a position where I could have won the tournament but I lost the match I could have won', said Nadal, who had previously defeated Juan Martin del Potro in the quarter-finals.

'I had my good chances but he deserved it too. I’ve tried to rest a little bit, enjoy the Balearic islands a bit, going back to work a bit in Mallorca these last couple of days before the tournament starts.' He then commented on the North American hard-court season.

'I think what can happen here or in Cincinnati will not have a big impact on the US Open', the 32-year-old admitted. 'Of course the good results would be good for the confidence but the conditions are completely different – courts, the ball especially.

I know from my experience if I play well here and Cincinnati it’s a little bit easier to play well at the US Open but not decisive. Last year I didn’t play very well (in Montreal) but I played well at the US Openand won it.

In 2005 I won here and I lost third round at the US Open. If you win, you play well in these two events and create this extra confidence to play well there, but if you lose it doesn’t matter, the conditions are completely different.' Nadal has been on the ATP Tour for more than 15 years.

Commenting on the changes between now and the past, the Spaniard said: 'You understand life in a different way. The way you approach things is a little bit different but on court I’m still passionate, still with the right spirit to work hard and to keep winning.

Of course, the feelings are different as everybody grows.' ALSO READ: 'I am trying to be better than Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal ' - Zverev