'Rafael Nadal's superstitions have nothing to do with tennis' - Zverev

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'Rafael Nadal's superstitions have nothing to do with tennis' - Zverev

In press conference at the Rogers Cup, Alexander Zverev was asked if he has particular superstitions before heading into the court to play a competitive match. The world no. 3 gave an interesting answer. 'I am very far from a superstitious guy,' he clarified. 'I think when you're superstitious, especially on court, you start being readable and you start, you know, kind of being predictable sometimes.

For example, Rafa (Nadal), he's superstitious but his superstitions have nothing to do with tennis. They're all kind of away from tennis. They're never superstitions inside of his game. So whether he does it or not, it's his thing.

But when you're superstitious on the actual tennis court, I don't think it's a good thing.' What did Zverev do following his Wimbledon third round loss to Ernests Gulbis in early July? 'The first week or so after Wimbledon I was working a lot on my tan line,' the 21-year-old revealed, jokingly. 'I was on a boat in Monaco trying to work on that a lot.

Then, after, I started doing physical training. I did 10 days of only physical in Monaco with Jez Green. And then, obviously, went to Florida for a few days before Washington and started playing tennis. That was kind of my period.

And, obviously, I played in Washington. You guys probably heard about that.' Zverev also feels in a different place compared to 2017, when he won his first two Masters 1000s in his career. 'Last year, everything was just the beginning and everything was like, you know, was not expected.

This year it kind of, you know, everybody is expecting a little bit more from you, everybody is looking out for you more, and in that way it's different. But in any other way, you still try to go out there and play tennis and try to be better than the guy on the opposite side of the net.

That will not change in the next 15 years for me.' Zverev finally praised the Canadian player Denis Shapovalov: 'I still think that out of 98, 99's, he's the best one. I still think that. I think there are a few guys older that are very, very good as well.

But he's definitely a part of that group. He still has some development to do. No doubt about it. I still have some development to do. No doubt about it as well. I think in the next three or four years this will change. And when we're all set in our games, I think that's going to be interesting.' ALSO READ: 'Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal': Tsitsipas reveals who admires the most