Rafael Nadal explains why he is not playing doubles in Toronto

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Rafael Nadal explains why he is not playing doubles in Toronto

Novak Djokovic is playing doubles here in Toronto. Why didn't Rafael Nadal enter the doubles draw? The Spaniard himself explained it in press conference after his win over Benoit Paire. The 32-year-old doesn't want to waste too much energy: 'It's all about to save the body.

I know I would love to play some doubles before the singles, especially in that situation that I was not able to play matches in the while. But that's thinking probably about this tournament. And at this stage of my career, I cannot only think in one event.

I just to be confident with myself that I going to be able to be competitive. It's true that the last couple of years I felt myself competitive if I practiced well even without playing matches before. And I have the confidence that I can keep doing this, no? And so at some point I need to save some energy for this last part of the season.

So it's here, Cincinnati, and then New York, and then keep going hopefully, no? So I need to be focused on what I have to do.' Nadal also commented on Stan Wawrinka not being seeded and also barely making it in the main draw due to his low ranking position.

'It's part of the sport. Having one year ranking when you have an injury and then you go back on the rankings, so that's normal, no? And that's why this kind of meeting is always a very tough opponent. And it's a match that we played, you know, two times in a Grand Slam final.

So, yeah, it's going to be an important and tough match hopefully for both of us.' ALSO READ: Stan Wawrinka breaks silence, opens up on relationship with Nick Kyrgios