Rafael Nadal could make important changes to his long-term schedule


Rafael Nadal could make important changes to his long-term schedule

Years go on, but at the moment Rafael Nadal continues to be committed to the same events as in the past. But in the future, the Spaniard may reduce the number of tournaments he plays in order to have a longer career. Reflecting on his recent injuries, Nadal said: 'Being honest, the danger in Australia is an accident, but is an accident because it's not an injury that I had in the past.

But at the same time, being honest, probably the injury comes because I finished the season bad. I finished the season with a lot of problems in my knee since Shanghai. Then I had to retire from Paris. I had to pull out from Basel.

I retired from the world tour finals. So then I had poor preparation for the first part of the season. I had to miss Abu Dhabi, Brisbane. I didn't practice as much as I would love to do it in Mallorca before the season start. So then I had two tough matches and then it became a problem, muscle problem.

So is all about preparation. But that's it. Of course, I am trying to do the things the better way possible to try to avoid this. Tennis is a high-demanding sport in terms of physical effort. But it's true I cannot forget that I am older every year.

And if I want to continue playing for a long time on tour, I need to save energy. I need to choose the right places to play. And especially the results are positive, you have better chances to choose. If the results are not positive, you have less chances because you have to keep playing.

But if the things goes like this, I am fully open to do the schedule the better way possible to try to play as long as possible.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal is the greatest sports competitor of all time -Roger Rasheed

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