After playing with shot clock for a week, Rafael Nadal gives his thoughts

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After playing with shot clock for a week, Rafael Nadal gives his thoughts

One of the most interesting things about this year's Rogers Cup was the introduction of the shot clock and how Rafael Nadal would deal with it. The results have not been too dramatic for the Spaniard, who after playing five matches with the new introduction, gave his thoughts.

'No problem,' Nadal warned. 'As I said before the tournament, I personally don't like but not because it goes against me. The problem when I talk sometimes about this kind of stuff it's because the people think that I have the benefit because I am a slower player.

No. I can be faster, but I like to think. That's the thing. I understand the sport. Not like a thing that the things go fast. My experience in the world of tennis at the matches that became part of the history of our sport are not matches that the duration of the match is one hour thirty, you know? No one match that the people remember in the history of our sport are matches that the final duration of the match is two hours.

You know, that's the real thing.' Nadal insisted that long clashes are the ones that stay in the fans' minds. 'Matches, where people get involved, are the epic ones. And my experience is I don't see the people get crazy and involved in the match when the ball, all it goes two or three times over the net every time.

I see the people goes crazy and enjoy and feel the passion for the sport when you have rallies of 15, 20 balls. And that's my feeling. And when you have continuous rallies of that kind, you can't be ready physically to play another point like this in 25 seconds.

That's my point of view. But the rules are going another way. For me personally, don't affect me. I just need to go faster. I go faster. And I accept and try to do the thing the better way possible, and I did it during the whole week.

That's all. It's not about something that goes against me. When I say it, it's something that I believe for the sport is better another thing. But as I always say, it's only my personal opinion. The people who runs the sport have a different opinion, and I 100% respect.

And maybe they are right and I am wrong. That's all. But the clock, if the umpire are able to use it the right way, it's good because gives you plenty of time. Because they call the score, then they put the clock on. And if the umpire have a little bit of knowledge about the things, how long are the point, they put the clock a little bit later, I think the clock don't affect at all.

It's just something that is there and is a good thing. If the clock goes straight, it's going to be a negative thing. But in my opinion, the umpires during the whole week are doing a fantastic job. They are managing the thing very well, even better than without the clock.

So well done for all of them.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal is the greatest sports competitor of all time -Roger Rasheed