Rafael Nadal: When you have success, listening to people may be difficult

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Rafael Nadal: When you have success, listening to people may be difficult

Rafael Nadal has always been praised by the whole tennis world for being humble and polite. The Spaniard believes that listening to the suggestions given by his team members have been the key to his success. 'I believe that you learn things every day,' Nadal said during the Mapfre event.

'When you are travelling over the world, when you meet people, when you are able to see different things, in my opinion, it's all about experience and the right examples. I believe I have been lucky to have the right people around me since the beginning in terms of family and team.

For me the good thing is the people who have been around me during my whole life, they felt the freedom to tell me the truth when I am doing the things the right way or when I am not doing things the right way, in every moment.

That's something difficult sometimes with the people who have had a lot of success. In my case that was a very positive thing. It wasn't something difficult, I come from a small city, I have the same life as 15 years ago, just the days changed.

I am happy to have the same friends as when I was three, four, five years old.' Asked what he would suggest to a nine-year-old kid who wants to get bigger physically, Nadal replied: 'At nine years I would only suggest him to play and enjoy himself.

At my time I was playing tennis, football, all what I could play. Do I miss football? It has been many years that I don't play football. I loved football but I can't play football, it's a little bit aggressive sport, there is a risk of injuries and for my current activity it's not right.' What is his favorite place to rest in his academy? 'Of course, it's the spa.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer fumes at Cincinnati Masters umpire: 'Just say: "I am sorry"