I have never spoken to Rafael Nadal, says Simona Halep

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I have never spoken to Rafael Nadal, says Simona Halep

Last week in Cincinnati Simona Halep was compared to Rafael Nadal by her coach Darren Cahill. 'She is the little Rafa,' Cahill has said. In her press conference, Halep was asked if she has ever spoken to Nadal or if she has visited his academy.

'No,' the WTA world no. 1 replied. Asked if she was tired after final loss to Kiki Bertens, Halep replied: 'Yeah, but I had match ball. So I was there. Didn't take my chance. So in the third set I was empty and I couldn't fight anymore.' She still tried to take positives: 'It's been great, great performance.

After a long break, I came and I played good tennis. No doubts that I'm really happy about that. About the emotional part, I'm a little bit upset because I couldn't manage better today, but that's it. I'm like this, and I have to work more.' During the match Halep hit a tweener.

Commenting on it, she said: 'I trained few times but just for fun. Never like I thought that I'm going to do that in the match. Today it was everything gone, so I did it.' Asked if she planned to take more breaks than in the past, Halep said: 'Well, I will see with my team.

It's tough to say now. But for sure I need a little bit of rest because I'm exhausted. But also I take the positive from these two weeks. It's a great confidence, and I'm looking forward actually for the next one to be better on the court,' said Halep, who confirmed she will reach New Haven on Monday night.' Speaking about the way she had played in the two weeks in Montreal and Cincinnati and whether there was any comparison to be made with the same number of matches in the Slams, Halep said, 'No, not at all.

We didn't think about that. But he also was surprised in Canada that I could win so many matches and good matches. I hope I didn't ruin everything with this match, because I feel like I did some wrong things on the court, but I hate to lose.

It's tough to manage that moment.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer fumes at Cincinnati Masters umpire: 'Just say: "I am sorry"