Rafael Nadal: 'I was very shy as a kid, but not on the tennis court'

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Rafael Nadal: 'I was very shy as a kid, but not on the tennis court'

In a recent interview, Rafael Nadal spoke about his character when he was a teenager trying to join the tennis elite on professional tour. At the beginning Nadal was a little bit intimidated by the environment, but when playing tennis he always had a great fighting spirit.

'I was really shy when I was a kid', the 32-year-old said. 'I started on the tour very early with 16, and I was very shy. Well, I was not shy playing on court. That's the most important thing, no? You can (be) shy in life, but obviously when you are going on court, when you are competing, you compete.

You cannot be shy. At the end is obvious if you are shy playing, probably you will be in trouble. But the normal thing, if you are a good junior, all your life you did that, it's difficult to be shy on court. You can be shy outside, but on court, is the thing that you do, you are by yourself, and probably will not happen.' Nadal was also asked an unusual question.

Why he takes his shirt off just after the match? 'I don't want to get cold', he replied smiling. 'That's the reason. No, maybe the other players are not sweating as much as I do, so I cannot stay during all the interviews, everything, having sign autograph for the fans for ten minutes or that with the same T shirt.

I going to get cold. I try to dry myself and put a jacket on.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer fumes at Cincinnati Masters umpire: 'Just say: "I am sorry"