Rafael Nadal is better than Roger Federer, says football star

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Rafael Nadal is better than Roger Federer, says football star

Justin Kluivert is the great surprise in football Serie A league so far as he played a great ball for Edin Dzeko last week on Sunday against Torino that allowed AS Roma to win 1-0 in the first match of the season. In July during the American pre-season, Kluivert had a funny english interview with his teammate, the Greek Kostas Manolas, and the team president James Pallotta, who asked Kluivert what he would have done if he were not a football star. 'I was always interested in tennis, I started tennis, after I started playing soccer.

I like tennis a lot', Kluivert said. Then he was asked about his favorite tennis player: 'I think Rafa Nadal is very good. Who do you think is better?', he told Manolas. 'For me is Federer', Manolas replied.

But Kluivert did not change his mind and added: 'Nadal, I think he is a masterclass.' Meanwhile, Federer praised Big Four dominance, admitting that it's not so easy to stay at the top for a very long time. 'I guess you can ask every player, and every player is going to give you the same answer: They don't know how it works, you know.

It's giving your best every single day, every single point you play, you know, staying injury‑free as much as you can, and then work hard, you know, on the practice court. Now, I have been around the block obviously, and I know how hard it is to, you know, every day beat the guy ranked 25, 65, 105.

It doesn't matter. They all present their challenges. But some playing styles suit you more and some don't. That's why I love this sport, that every day is a completely new day, you know. You don't know what to expect, and you have to react so much in our sport that you only control certain things.

This is where I think it's impressive that the other guys also for so many years have been able to be so solid.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer explains why he has not won the US Open for a decade