McEnroe: Rafael Nadal, Djokovic will be in great shape at the US Open

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McEnroe: Rafael Nadal, Djokovic will be in great shape at the US Open

The seven-time Grand Slam winner John McEnroe believes that Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic will be in 'great shape' at the upcoming US Open. Speaking in a recent interview to EFE, McEnroe said: 'Especially with Novak coming back at the best-ranking positions, and with the memory of both playing one of their best matches in Wimbledon history. 'It'a good chance as well to see that younger players are able to make a step forward.

In this kind of tournaments, where you need to win seven matches, it's where you have to give your best, that's why they are the hardest ones, but you also have other circumstances, you also have to look at the draw, that's why it's always complicated to know what will happen.' About the women's draw, McEnroe added: 'It's very open, but Serena not having her chances would surprise me.' Mats Wilander believes that Djokovic will be a tough player to beat as well.

'Seeing Novak play, I see another player. I don't know if I see him more mature, but his game matured. Also, off-court he looks more humble and very relaxed, and his comeback to the top started. In three years we will be able to discuss if he is the best player of all time, but obviously, it's numbers that say that.

Novak made an unbelievable job, I would say, in hiding his arm pain, and also in hiding the surgery effect, both physically and mentally.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal is better than Roger Federer, says football star