Rafael Nadal: 'I don't have a double life. I am just Rafa'

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Rafael Nadal: 'I don't have a double life. I am just Rafa'

Rafael Nadal is always very honest when speaking about himself. The Spanish player doesn't think that he is a different person off-court. 'You really have no differences. I am Rafa. Neither do I have a double image nor do I have a double life,' Nadal told El Pais.

'I think I am a very natural person both on court and off and I never hided that I am a familiar person, I like to be with my dear ones, I like to live and be in the place where I was born, Mallorca. And I am comfortable like this. 'Normally, if I have the chance, what I do is to be back home.

What happens is that you have long swings that give a few days in the middle. I try to be happy and practice outside Mallorca. I think that over the years I learned to enjoy during the free days in tournaments.' Nadal is also very available for his fans: 'When I can, before the days that I am not playing, I trying to sign as much (autographs) as I can.

I remember the previous day before, before I start the singles, I practiced 6:00 to 8:15. I stayed for 20 minutes signing as many autographs for people as possible for me. It's true that is not possible to make everybody happy, but what is in my hands is trying to make as many possible people and ‑ especially the kids ‑ happy.

Because I understand an autograph or photograph is much more important for a kid than for other persons. So I try to do my best. Never will be normal for me when the people are screaming my name. I know is a situation that happened for a while since I started to be a good player, probably, since 2004, but especially after 2005.

I know that's for a couple of years. I know that's not gonna happen in ten years. So just accept that in a special situation, trying to enjoy as much as I can of that situation, try to say thanks to everybody for the love and for the support that they give me.

Is a special thing, I think. Is a thing that not a lot of people have the chance to enjoy or live that situation, and I always appreciate so much the support and the love of the people, all the positive energy that the people brings me.

Helps me a lot in the low moments, in the bad moments. That's it. I try to be normal, try to understand that's gonna change in a couple of years and try to be very, very normal during all my life.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: 'Someone will replace me and Roger Federer