Karen Khachanov: 'Rafael Nadal showed why he is No. 1. I am proud'


Karen Khachanov: 'Rafael Nadal showed why he is No. 1. I am proud'

Karen Khachanov is proud after his four-set loss to Rafael Nadal. 'I gave everything what I had', the Russian player said. 'I think everybody saw it. I'm proud of myself that I could play a good game today, fight till the end.

Yeah, just a few points difference that it could go another way. Big respect to Rafa. That's why he's No. 1 in the world, such a great fighter. Yeah, just happy about my performance. I hope to keep going that way, yeah.' If you look back, which particular moment of the match do you think, I should have done this instead of that? Is there any? 'I think during all match, for example, I had some chances, he had some chances.

It was very close match, very close. I would say maybe if I win second set, you know, I would be leading two sets to love. It's a big advantage. But, yeah, at the end of the day, just a few points that I lost. He turned it around in the second set, then there were two tiebreaks.

Again, maybe not normal in the third set that I did three double-faults in the tiebreak. That's actually sometimes when the guy plays unbelievable, you just say, Okay, Bravo, well done. But, okay, I did three mistakes from my side, but that's kind of nerves also that you have in these kind of matches.

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