'Rafael Nadal is the greatest competitor ever, he played best match ever'

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'Rafael Nadal is the greatest competitor ever, he played best match ever'

The 18-time Grand Slam singles winner Chris Evert praised US Open quarter-final between Rafael Nadal and Dominic Thiem. Commenting on ESPN, Evert said: 'It was the greatest Men’s match that I’ve ever seen because as years go on the quality and the level get higher and higher but point for point they played each point like match point.

Let's talk about Nadal and how humble he is. The humility that he shows even when he loses. He’s incredible. He’s a role model. Thiem and Nadal started out with intensity. They ended five hours and a half later with intensity.

Thiem is gonna be a superstar, and, Nadal, to me, is the greatest competitor in any sport. That’s what that showed that match.” Pam Shriver said: '[Rafa] had the trainer out to strap his knee in [Karen] Khachanov match and look at what he’s done since then.

And this is the surface that bother his knees the most. But he will do everything in his power to win another Major come this weekend.' Brad Gilbert tweeted: 'Still buzzing about the quality between Vamos-Rafa vs Home Thiem, that 5th set was absolutely instant classic.

Hopefully the other 3 slams can go to a 5th set breakers in 2019.' The former Grigor Dimitrov's coach Roger Rasheed wrote: 'Epic @RafaelNadal @ThiemDomi . Brilliant 5 set tennis on the full limiter @usopen . The two men were bulls out there, relentless.

Thanks guys, huge respect.' ALSO READ: Why Roger Federer beat Rafael Nadal four times in a row - Tennis strategist