Toni Nadal: 'Rafael has been living with pain since 2005'

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Toni Nadal: 'Rafael has been living with pain since 2005'

Rafael Nadal is trying to recover as fast as possible from his right knee injury that he suffered at the US Open. The Spaniard is back in Mallorca and is getting treatment in order to compete in the final part of the season.

Playing Beijing and Shanghai as back-to-back tournaments will be difficult, but Nadal will give his best. Speaking during a press conference in Murcia, Spain, a few months ago, Nadal's uncle, Toni, spoke about the many physical struggles the current 32-year-old has been through during his career.

'Rafael has been living with pain and painkillers since 2005,' Toni said. 'For this reason, he's considered his well-being above wins and many times he's told me that he would have liked to win less in exchange for having less pain.' Toni also recalled the 2005 foot problem that represented really a big threat.

'The specialist we went to told us that Rafael's career was pretty much finished,' Toni said. 'Well, in 2005 Rafael had to constantly live in pain. From that time on, we couldn't finish training sessions a lot of times.

A lot of times -- almost always -- he would have to take a painkiller because the pain would get worse and worse as the games went on. Because of some insoles that he started using, which solved his foot problem, he started having problems in his knee, back and other parts of his body.' ALSO READ: Andre Agassi: 'I could not cope with Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Djokovic'