'Rafael Nadal, Sascha Zverev may not be interested to new Davis Cup format'

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'Rafael Nadal, Sascha Zverev may not be interested to new Davis Cup format'

The Russian player Evgeny Donskoy sees some positives about the new Davis Cup format that will be introduced next year. Speaking in St. Petersburg, Donskoy said: 'I have two thoughts on this topic. Tennis is life for an athlete but at the same time job.

Kosmos company guaranteed a solid prize money. For people like me, that's a good opportunity to earn. Yeah, probably best players - Rafa (Nadal), Sascha Zverev and others - may not be very interested. But once they promise decent money, I will be happy to join my team and play for my country.

From the other side, the special spirit of Davis Cup will disappear. And it cannot make you anything but sad. I remember the tie with Argentina in Moscow, when people supported us all the time. You cannot replace it, that's an unique atmosphere.

On the other side, you sacrifice your holidays because after the last tournament in Paris there are two weeks left and you cannot take a rest, you have to train. And the new season actually starts in the last days if December.

Someone will be unpleased. But the tournament will make the tennis status higher, that's a fact.' Meanwhile, Donskoy's compatriot Karen Khachanov analyzed his loss to Stan Wawrinka in St. Petersburg: 'It's very unfortunate to play with Wawrinka already in the second round.

I think he played very well, being confident. Wawrinka played well, in some points I made a mistake, maybe on important points. A very close match. With this kind of court, when the ball slightly rebounces, playing aggressive is very difficult.

I tried a couple of times and I made a mistake. Wawrinka's strengths worked. That's why he won three Grand Slams and was a top 3 player. I have beautiful memories from playing in St. Petersburg, here I won my first ATP match five years ago.

The Tournament is Growing, progressing.' ALSO READ: Del Potro: I lost the respect and fear I had for Roger Federer