Roger Federer: Rafael Nadal would play differently if he were a righty

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Roger Federer: Rafael Nadal would play differently if he were a righty

What would Rafael Nadal's chances have been against Roger Federer if the Spaniard were a right-hander? Nobody can tell, but the Swiss player – who has defeated Nadal only twice out of 15 meetings on clay – replied: 'Hard to say.

Would obviously have to see him playing right-handed. It's the same game. But I would also guess he would play differently if he was a righty. Things are how they are. He makes it very uncomfortable to play against him because we hardly have anybody who is really a good lefty.

Then on top of that, he plays so different as a lefty. He plays with a lot of spin, doesn't play too flat. It's just a different type of game. I think once you get used to it, then he's really in a bad position where he has to totally change up his game.' When Federer was growing up in Switzerland, did he face good competition which helped him develop his game? 'Actually, I had, yeah.

I was always involved in group practice back in Switzerland in the beginning before – till I'd say about 13 years old. Then at 14, I went to the National Tennis Center. All of a sudden I went from the best to the worst.

It was hard because I was practicing with 16-year-olds, then I wasn't even allowed to practice with the 18-or-over, with the pros, so I always had something to look up to.
As I got better, I got to play sets with them and realized how far off I still was.

I would take a set maybe once in a while and I was getting really motivated. Then I started to travel to the junior world, too, internationally. I saw how far off I was there. I always had something to really look up to. I thought that was pretty good for me.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title