Rafael Nadal explains why he has so much success against Roger Federer

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Rafael Nadal explains why he has so much success against Roger Federer

Rafael Nadal feels proud when reflecting on his rivalry with the Swiss Roger Federer. The Spaniard always respected and admired his rival a lot. 'The real thing is I played a lot of times against him, and a lot of times I played great against him', Nadal said. 'So probably that's why I had this success against him.

But you never know when that stop. Today I am happy that I am able to win against him again. When you go on court against Roger, even if we played each other 38 times and I was able to win against him 23, I go on court knowing that I am playing against a player that is unbelievable.

What happened in the past probably will not help me. I take every match like a different history and every day is different. Sure, helps the matches that I won against him in the past to make me feel confident in the way that I have to play, but that's doesn't mean that I will have the chance to do it again.' Throughout your whole career, including the juniors, what one player did you enjoy playing against the most and why? Who was that? 'I don't know.

It's very difficult for me to say one. I think matches against Roger always was special feelings of that. We played all of the important matches for our careers, and combination of styles makes the match interesting. One player finding one thing, another one trying to find solutions to not let him play as he was.

And it's a little bit more strategic match. And playing for big titles, that match made me feel very special every time.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title