Roger Federer proud of his body: 'I don't have big biceps'

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Roger Federer proud of his body: 'I don't have big biceps'

Roger Federer is proud of his tennis talent. He does not have many muscles unlike for example the Spaniard Rafael Nadal, but he still manages to play a powerful tennis. 'What I love is that I have a very normal body', Federer told L'Equipe Magazine.

'Everyone can have a body like mine, I have not big biceps, and big calfs either. I am not big. Everything is about the explosivity and resistance because our matches can last four or five hours. Everything is possible. Even if you are not big, you are able to play.

(Kei) Nishikori is an example for it. If instead you are as tall and powerful as Marin Cilic, you can still play. All the game styles are possible in tennis and that's interesting.' Who is the most elegant sportsman for him? 'I love Zidane.

He is very nice to watch playing. Jordan influenced me a lot. I met with him in New York at the US Open for a common sponsor. I saw like he really is. Seeing how he behaved... he was calm, relaxed, pleasant, exactly like the type I had loved seeing play.

I did not hear him stressed. Actually, I understood why I loved him so much: he knew how to win on the court and manage his popularity.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title