I never played ATP Finals on clay or outdoor, complains Rafael Nadal

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I never played ATP Finals on clay or outdoor, complains Rafael Nadal

For Rafael Nadal, every tournament is important, including the ones that take place in the final part of the season like the Rolex Paris Masters and the London ATP World Tour Finals, which would be his next two tournaments if he recovers well from his knee injury.

Nadal was asked who is the best indoor tennis player. He thinks that it is not possible to really tell it. 'We need to create more Grand Slams, so I don't know. Indoor tennis is a great surface. Nothing against the indoor', Nadal said.

'Me personally, I prefer to play in the sunshine. I like the hot conditions. I feel happier when I play on hot and outside and you see the sunshine. But is a personal feeling. It's nothing relevant The real thing is we only have four Grand Slams, so you have the Masters in indoor every year.

That's great. It's a great tournament.' At the same time, Nadal criticized ATP unable to make the Year-End event change its surface. 'It's not that great that we play the Masters in indoor every time on the same surface.

It's great that he have the indoor Masters, but changing surfaces with having the possibilities to play one year on clay, one year on grass, one year on hard, something that during all my career I was a little bit unlucky and I played ought Masters Cup indoor.

I never had the chance to play like happened in the past that they played in Houston, hot outside, or clay Masters. Never had that chance, so that's something that I was not lucky in that. But even like this, London has a great atmosphere.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title