Rafael Nadal recalls video song with Shakira: 'I like her'

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Rafael Nadal recalls video song with Shakira: 'I like her'

In a recent press conference, Rafael Nadal recalled the video he had with Shakira in 2010 for the "Gipsy" song. The Spaniard still has good memories from it. 'It was a new experience for me', Nadal said. 'A different experience from what I did normally.

I just like Shakira. It was special for me, and a very good experience. Thanks very much to Shakira to think to do this with me. For me, it was a pleasure. She's a very, very nice person.' Nadal is not playing in China this year as he withdrew from Beijing and Shanghai.

Explaining the fanbase he has in this country, the Spaniard said: 'It's very nice, no? In China, the fans are very emotional with me all the time. They show these emotions a lot. That makes me feel very well, no? Every time when I come here, I feel it really well, and it sure is very special for me.

A lot of people wait for me at the hotel. I had an amazing experience in 2008 with the Olympics, and I had two years of experience, very good experience playing the Masters Cup. So the people are very nice, and, well, yeah, very nice to me all the time, no? Just can say thank you very much, everybody, in China.' Nadal is currently recovering from a knee injury that forced him to skip Beijing and Shanghai.

The Spaniard is trying to recover in time for the Paris Masters and the London ATP Finals, but he will be back only when he is at 100 per cent, his coach Carlos Moya said last week.