Rafael Nadal helps with clean up near Mallorca

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Rafael Nadal helps with clean up near Mallorca

Rafael Nadal is always there when it comes to charity and he is back to prove it. This time for the tragedy that affected Mallorca and his fellow habitants. The heavy rain made a torrent getting overflowed in the Sant Llorenç city.

At the moment there are eight deaths plus several disappeared people. Many people are without a home now, that's why Nadal is offering the rooms of his academy in order to help them. Around 50 people affected by the flood came to Nadal Sports Centre on Tuesday night, and some of them left it on Wednesday morning to evaluate the damage caused.

Anyway, Nadal Academy will keep hosting them until they want and need to. On Wednesday afternoon Nadal stepped in to help flood victims and clean the damages caused by the natural disaster. The Bayern Munich midfielder Thiago Alcantara praised Nadal saying: 'He is already an example on courts and he was off-court as well, but his image gets strenghten with things like this one.

He is a committed person, he showed it helping victims. In these cases you have to help in everything you can. As Spaniards and people we care about floods. It's a very hard moment. We want to thank the emergency services and people who could help.' On Twitter the MotoGP rider Marc Marquez wrote: 'A great example Rafa Nadal helping the people affected by floods in Mallorca.

All my support to the families affected.' Nadal could be back to compete at the Paris Masters late this month. ALSO READ: 'Roger Federer should never play on clay again' - Andy Roddick