'Rafael Nadal did not want to give interviews after floods in Mallorca'


'Rafael Nadal did not want to give interviews after floods in Mallorca'

It's a couple of weeks now that Rafael Nadal was spotted helping with the clean-up operation near Mallorca for the disaster caused by the floods. The journalist Susanna Griso praised Nadal for being humble and not promoting himself through social media or interviews.

'It's true that medias have put their focus on these images of Rafa Nadal', Griso said. 'He is well-known over the world and in some way these images touched us. What I also recognize is that all of us have tried to speak with him and he did not want to, because he wanted not to be in the centre of attention.' 'He did not try to seek any way of limelight at all.

That's why it surprised me that he got criticism. Over the years I managed to develope an ability to get criticism that doesn't interest me away from me. I imagine that he was not affected by it either.' Nadal has been training with his coach Carlos Moya in closed doors on an indoor hard-court at his Academy in Mallorca slowly trying to recover and get his best physical shape again after dealing with a knee injury since early September at the US Open.

Meanwhile, the Swiss Martina Hingis praised the Spaniard Rafael Nadal's effort in helping with the clean-up operation after the Mallorca floods: 'It’s hard to think just a week ago I was strolling the streets in Palma.

My heart goes out to everyone affected in Mallorca. Special mention to Rafael Nadal and Rafa Nadal Academy for your touching efforts in this time of need.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title

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