Toni Nadal defends Rafael from criticism over Mallorca floods

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Toni Nadal defends Rafael from criticism over Mallorca floods

Some people thought Rafael Nadal wanted to be in the spotlight by helping with the clean-up operation in Mallorca but Uncle Toni insisted it was not like this. Commenting on the criticism around the world No. 1, Toni said: 'It does not surprise anything.

You always have people who criticize. Now on the social network, everyone is in the spotlight and many people like to criticize others and just a very few times they look at themselves through the mirror. This is one of the society' problems.' Speaking about the new Davis Cup format, Toni added: 'When a thing does not work you need to make a change.

If it's okay you do not change it, but if it's broken you have to fix it. You cannot hold an important competition without the best players in the world competing there and it was even tougher to count on them. We will see how the new Davis Cup works, but for me, it's a good news that a great footballer wants to invest in tennis and hold a high-level competition.

Hopefully, it goes very well to him', he said referring to Gerard Pique. About Rafael's 2018 season, Toni said: 'It was very good but it could have been very brilliant without injuries.' Toni Nadal recently praised his nephew Rafael for being able to compete despite having to deal with injuries many times.

'Rafa is the only player who manages to win matches playing bad. He has been playing every match having pain since 2005', said Toni, who stopped working with his nephew at the end of last year in order to focus on his academy.

Toni also commented on how much being 100 per cent honest with Rafael was important to have success: 'I always tried to tell Rafa the truth, I never tell him what he wants to hear. I may lie as well, but when he plays against Federer the court will always tell the truth.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer: 'It's clear the RF logo will be returned to me one day'