Rafael Nadal dealt with ankle issue for a while, reveals doctor

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Rafael Nadal dealt with ankle issue for a while, reveals doctor

Rafael Nadal's foot surgery in Barcelona lasted less than 40 minutes. The Spaniard underwent knives through arthroscopy on his right foot. Interviewed by El Espanol, Nadal's doctor Angel Ruiz Cotorro said Nadal dealt with this issue for some weeks.

'It had given some alert warnings', Cotorro said. 'We were prepared on it, but we saw images again and they had changed a little because it appeared a free body disappeared and running for the foot. It's a little hunk that is in the bone, it went away and it causes pain.

We have been handling with it for a while and we decided to take it away so that it does not become a problem in mid-year.' Commenting on next plans, Cotorro added: 'Now he has a progressive recovery process ahead.

He will be calm for 48 hours, seeing how he evolves, and then he will start moving the foot again and working a lot in the gym. After a while, he will start doing workouts. We will go at the right speed within the possible. Without rush, but without break.

I think we will start the new season if everything goes as planned. We are convinced that he can normally start 2019.' On Thursday Nadal will start a light activity with his fitness trainer Joan Forcades and physiotherapist Rafael Maymò.

It should take four weeks to the 17-time Grand Slam winner to play tennis again. Nadal is set to start his 2019 season at the Brisbane International prior to the Australian Open. ALSO READ: Roger Federer explains why he is not the greatest player ever