Arnaud Clement recalls 2004 loss to Rafael Nadal: 'He was almost unknown'

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Arnaud Clement recalls 2004 loss to Rafael Nadal: 'He was almost unknown'

In an interview to L'Equipe, the former tennis player Arnaud Clement recalled his straight-sets loss to Rafael Nadal in a Davis Cup tie in 2004. The Spaniard prevailed 6-4 6-1 6-2, which was not something granted. 'He was almost unknown (world No.

50)', Clement confessed. 'I did not expect (such loss) at all, especially from an 18-year-old guy. In truth, you do not understand what's happening. On 6-4, 6-1, 5-0, Guy (Forget) told me: "Well, Arnaud, you will have to work as a formic".

I saw in his eyes that he was not very confident (laughter)...' The worst environment? 'By far the Belgrade final in 2010. More than 2013 Buenos Aires, where the environment was a big one. In Belgrade, there was clearly a bad spirit.

People booed as soon as you served. We were afraid. Also, we should have been given a bigger security, some RAID guys were with us...' His biggest party? '2001 Melbourne. It's still my best night in life. Because I shared it with players or members of the team, but also with Australian fans.

We were the team that beat their players but they said goodbye to us with a laughter. They celebrated with us. We are sports lovers and they admitted that we had achieved something big. The spirit of this party was amazing.' His biggest sadness? 'The 2002 Bercy final.

I had already withdrawn a few days before (arm injury). Paulo (Mathieu( lost to Youzhny in the fifth rubber. In the locker room, the whole team was disappointed.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title