Rafael Nadal did not need my advice anymore, says Uncle Toni

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Rafael Nadal did not need my advice anymore, says Uncle Toni

In an interview to Diario Vasco, Toni Nadal explained how his life changed since when, 12 months ago, his working relationship with his nephew Rafael officially ended. 'Before I was doing a thing that I liked much, which was being on the professional tour and have the luck to coach a guy like Rafael and I do something else that I like as well, which is being at the Rafael Academy and give some speech in Spain', said Toni.

'Before I never had the feeling to work because although I had to go to Australia for a month or to New York I did not have the feeling of work, as I was exactly doing what I liked.' Asked if he regrets his decision to leave his nephew, Toni said: 'The decision was mine and it was not mutual.

I believed that putting myself apart was fair and I understood that Rafael did not need my suggestions anymore. When I saw my nephew in Australia I felt that I would have liked to be there, but I believed that in life you have to take steps and the moment to leave came.

I do not think Rafael missed me a lot and in some moments yeah, I missed some trips. When I was travelling to Paris, New York or Rome I loved to be there and now I have to stay in Manacor. But I also did things that I enjoyed.

I came back to stay in contact with the kids of the Academy, I came back to coach younger guys and I spent more time with family.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title