Shapovalov calls for shorter season, makes Rafael Nadal, Wawrinka examples

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Shapovalov calls for shorter season, makes Rafael Nadal, Wawrinka examples

Denis Shapovalov ended his season at the Paris Masters in late October, withdrawing from the NextGen ATP Finals in Milan due to exhaustion. Although he is getting used to the many trips, the 19-year-old got very tired both mentally and physically and took a few weeks off in order to recharge batteries.

In the past months the 21-year-old Alexander Zverev admitted that the tennis season should be shorter, and Shapovalov agrees with him. 'Zverev has addressed it a couple of times and I’m definitely going to address it as well', confirmed Shapovalov.

'It’s got to change. You can’t keep adding weeks in the year and just expect us to show up every time. It’s a long season and we’re obligated to play a lot of tournaments. And it’s everything — the travel, switching hotels.

Even when you’re not playing a tournament week, you’ve got to practise, you’ve got to get ready for the following one.' 'It drains you and it’s obviously understandable why guys like Rafa (Nadal) and Stan (Wawrinka) and these guys are getting injured', Shapovalov explained.

'It’s impossible to go a career without injuries because it’s so much tennis, so much wear on your body.’ Shapovalov plans to have a lighter schedule from now onwards: 'Next year I’m going to play it differently, definitely.

I’m learning, just as much as my team is learning, everyone’s learning. I just ran out of fuel the last couple of weeks. I pushed through it, did everything I could, but it just wasn’t in me. I made the call. I said: Listen, right now I’d rather just go home.

Just see my family, rest up for the off-season, come back in 2019 on fire and ready to go again.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title