David Ferrer: 'Rafael Nadal is incredible, he made me a better player'

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David Ferrer: 'Rafael Nadal is incredible, he made me a better player'

In an interview to Marca during a Peugeot event, David Ferrer praised Rafael Nadal. The 36-year-old lost 20 matches out of 24 against his compatriot but he is still thankful to him. 'Rafa made me a better player every day.

He is incredible', Ferrer said. 'You will definitely not have another player like him, we have to enjoy him and celebrate what we are living. Other players will come, they will be good, will be at the top and will win a Grand Slam.

I want to say that you will have another David Ferrer, that's for sure, but Nadal is another thing.' Commenting on the new Davis Cup format, Ferrer added: 'I think the changes will be good, it's a good project and it's a matter of time that it will have more impact.

You have to fix the date. It will be at the end of the year and most of the players end up very tired. But the old format of playing three or four ties was a lot, it's something that players could not do with the single calendar of every year.' Ferrer is currently ranked world No.

126, he ended his Grand Slam career at this year's US Open retiring during the second set against Nadal. The Javea native won nine matches and lost 18 in 2018 on the ATP Tour, while he ended his season at the Monterrey Challenger, Mexico, on outdoor hard-courts, defeating Ivo Karlovic in a straight-set final to win the title.

David will start the new season at the Hopman Cup in Perth. ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title