No one will win so many French Opens like Rafael Nadal, says Tour insider

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No one will win so many French Opens like Rafael Nadal, says Tour insider

The former Davis Cup Dutch team captain Tjerk Bogstra praised Rafael Nadal's dominance at the French Open. The 32-year-old defeated Dominic Thiem in this year's final to win his 11th title and he will look for the 12th in 2019. 'I already have the courage to say that I will never see another tennis player like Nadal who wins the French Open nine or ten times', said Bogstra.

'It's unique what this man did, and he is doing it in an era where there are so many good tennis players. And he was not always at the top physically, otherwise Federer would have not won his only French Open title in 2009.

Nadal would have won it.' Bogstra added: 'He is an extreme specialist on clay. The way he hits top spin balls is so unbelievably good, there is no one like him, and there are also less clay-court specialists, less players who were able to beat Nadal on clay.

Players like Boris Becker, Stefan Edberg or Pete Sampras were not specialists on clay, which is the reason why they have never won the title.' Meanwhile, the former player Miguel Janssen shared an interesting opinion on Nadal: 'If you see him moving, he can seem to be struggling.

He hits a lot of top spin. He is not as light as Federer and he needs his very big strength. Nadal wants to work harder in long rallies, which is his habitat.' Nadal trains at a high intensity, especially with racket and ball.

Rafa keep. Honestly, Nadal should be the same. But he already missed too mant events due to injuries.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title