Juan Carlos Ferrero reveals how many years Rafael Nadal has left in tennis

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Juan Carlos Ferrero reveals how many years Rafael Nadal has left in tennis

The 2003 French Open winner Juan Carlos Ferrero praised Rafael Nadal's fighting spirit and desire to improve year by year. Ferrero, who is competing at the Royal Albert Hall in London this weekend, believes there is a lot more success left for Nadal, a 17-time Grand Slam winner. 'I have been talking to my closest friend.

I am seeing him competing two or three years more', said Ferrero. 'If he is fit enough, his tennis is great. What impresses me more is how he is able to keep that strong motivation. The hardest point is to compete at this high-level motivation.

Anyway, if you compete each time for winning a grand slam, it is easier to keep it. However, it is always tough to keep that motivation the whole year. Fortunately, he is able to keep it and hopefully the injuries will not be an issue - that's something [that is] tougher every year because you are getting older.

Each time I watch him [when he is] fit, he is a beast. He takes care of himself and if [Roger] Federer says he will play until 40, Rafa is 32, so he still has long way to go.' About playing the Champions Tennis Senior Tour, Ferrero added: 'It is pretty much the same atmosphere as Wimbledon.

It is a nice event with special feelings. Playing in this venue is impressive. I am coming very happy and I am well prepared to be honest, so I will try to enjoy myself.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title