Carreno Busta speaks about Rafael Nadal, David Ferrer retirement

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Carreno Busta speaks about Rafael Nadal, David Ferrer retirement

Pablo Carreno Busta is confident that the Spanish tennis will do pretty well once David Ferrer and especially Rafael Nadal retire. Ferrer will end his career at 37 years of age in next year's Madrid Open, while Nadal wants to play as long as possible.

Asked by AS if he can continue the Spanish success, Carreno Busta replied: 'I will turn 28. You have to ask this question to the younger guys. We cannot be compared to Nadal or Ferrer. Rafa is one of the best players in history.

I know the Spanish crowd will ask a lot, for all what they have got in the last years, but they will appreciate what we will do.' Asked what Ferrer means to him, Carreno Busta said: 'A reference point, an example.

I became a friend of his in a very quick way and he is an amazing person who has given me very good suggestions. Now he will be one of the Spaniard veterans. I will try to do what players like David did for me. It's very good that such good tennis players get involved with the others.' Commenting on the new Davis Cup and ATP Cup introduction, he added: 'It affects us for having two team competitions in a packed calendar that will be even busier.

The Davis Cup format is drastic.' About his 2018 season, Pablo finally concluded: 'It was not bad, because I achieved good results in important tournaments and my game level was very good as times. I end as number 23, which is not bad but it wasn't the goal I had set.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title