'Rafael Nadal is always respectful, while Ronaldo...' - Former player

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'Rafael Nadal is always respectful, while Ronaldo...' - Former player

The former tennis player Raemon Sluiter praised Rafael Nadal for the intensity he puts in training sessions. Speaking to AD.nl, Sluiter said: 'Nadal never hits just one ball. During the training he hits even harder than in the match.

On every practice, he increases his rhythm at full speed. Other players sometimes want the rally to be less faster or that he just hits one ball at full speed, but he does not do it.' A few days ago Toni Nadal compared Rafael to the FC Juventus football star Cristiano Ronaldo and Federer to Lionel Messi.

But Sluiter disagrees on Nadal-Ronaldo comparison: 'As people they are different. Ronaldo may get out of the corner sometimes. Nadal doesn't do it. He is always respectful with others, even with the world No. 150.' Commenting on the next generation trying to breakthrough, Sluiter added: 'There are some young guns who do not knock the door, but they are in the corner of the street.

They start believing in it.' Dominic Thiem was the only player who defeated Nadal on clay this year, at the Mutua Madrid Open, and then lost to Nadal in a straight-set French Open final. 'The best of five sets is different.

He has not made it yet', Sluiter recognized. Meanwhile about Andy Murray, who is set to compete again at the Brisbane International late this month, the tennis legend John McEnroe said: 'I would see him coming back quickly if he’s healthy.

He is doing everything in his power to get back to full strength.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title