Rafael Nadal did not close doors for me, says David Ferrer

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Rafael Nadal did not close doors for me, says David Ferrer

David Ferrer was the Spanish no. 2 for a lot of weeks in the last decade, behind Rafael Nadal. In an interview, the former world no. 3 spoke about how it felt to play in the same time as Nadal. 'He has not closed doors for me because he has also opened them for me.

It's true that I lost four finals against him but after some years, I lost in semi-finals against Pablo Andújar and Fernando Verdasco,' said Ferrer. Speaking about his retirement that will happen at the Madrid Open in May 2019, Ferrer concluded: 'The truth is that I always thought of ending my career at Godó because I used to go there as a kid with my parents and it was like a beginning and an end.

But there is the Madrid tournament and the director is a friend of mine like Feliciano. They always treated me well. They are still my last two tournaments, I did not pick one over the other.' Commenting on the Next Generation players' potential, Ferrer added: 'Zverev is a very talented player who is about to and who has room for mental improvement.

He will be a stong world no. 1 because he is a hard-worker and he to work and he likes tennis.' Ferrer also pointed out the clashing dates of the ATP World Cup and the reformatted Davis Cup. 'One has to differentiate.

I think the new format of the Davis Cup is good because the old format had come slightly obsolete. The only thing is that the date is complicated now because it's at the end of the year and many players will be on vacation and they will not play.

But if the dates could be adjusted, it would be positive. I do not like that you will have an ATP World Cup because it will take away the value of the Davis Cup and Davis Cup is historic. I think that the ATP and ITF have to work together and never before have they done this,' said Ferrer.

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