Tennis doesn't have a crucial influence on Rafael Nadal's life, says Toni

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Tennis doesn't have a crucial influence on Rafael Nadal's life, says Toni

In a recent interview Toni Nadal was asked how the tennis matches, wins and losses, influence Rafael's life. The 32-year-old has been dating Maria Francisca Perello for more than a decade and he always insisted that he likes to do many things when he is not competing on a tennis court.

'The competition is the key moment of Rafael's professional life', said Toni. 'And, of course, it has a factor on his personal life. The day after he wins an important tournament I imagine that life seems a little nicer, and on the day he suffers a loss or he is affected by injuries he may be less sad.

If it does not affect him it would be because he does not care about his job or he does not feel committed. Another thing would be that his ups and down had a crucial influence on his life. I think that it's not like this.'

Toni also spoke about the importance of setting a limit: 'I think that you always need to have clear ideas on your limits. If you know your limits, it's much easier to recognize what lacks to improve and to triumph in life.

Now you tend to believe that knowing your limits will have a bad influence on your personal and professional development, and I think that it's instead the contrary. What you have to believe is that recognizing your limits does not mean to get your confidence less in the ability to overcomes them or meet another way that allows you to do it.'

Toni also criticized today's society: 'You lost a key value which was the generational respect, something we could see from the school, the respect we give to teachers decreased, why? It all starts from the government that allows this and also switches to the sports world.'

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