Toni Nadal reveals how many years Rafael Nadal has left in tennis

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Toni Nadal reveals how many years Rafael Nadal has left in tennis

In an interview to El Larguero Rafael Nadal's uncle, Toni, commented on his nephew's physical condition. The world No. 2 withdrew from the Brisbane International due to a left thigh injury. Toni said: 'He has a muscular tier that suffered here in Manacor the day before travelling to Abu Dhabi.

Rafa explained me the things and he told me that he doubts and that he was told not to play, that he has nothing to worry about, but you have to take care about it. It should be nothing and for precaution it's better not to play.

If Rafa kept playing this way, he could have taken the risk to be one month out. Not playing the months before will not affect him ahead of Australia. He just trained but he is at a very good level. Rafa almost always cameback after an injury.

I do not have to think that it will be different. In Rafa's case, others would have given up.' And if 2019 season will be Rafa's last year as a professional? 'I do not think it will happen. I think he will play for three and four more years.

I think more three years than five.' Toni works at his nephew's academy, as well as Tomeu Salva, a former professional player who believes there are some similarities between Rafael Nadal and Jaume Munar. The 21-year-old started the 2018 season as the world No.

312 and ended it as No. 87. Speaking to Marca, Salva said: 'Considering the differences, I see some things of Nadal in Munar. He is very competitive, a hard worker, very strong mentally. Tennis-wise he can improve a lot. He is just 21 years old and this week season will be very important to stay at the top.'

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